Adjustable Laptop Tablet Stand - Ergonomic, Non-Slip, Heat Dissipation (11-17 inch)

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Elevate your comfort and productivity with our thoughtfully crafted Adjustable Laptop Tablet Stand. Designed for the modern lifestyle, this stand seamlessly combines ergonomic benefits with functional features for your home and office.

Ergonomic Freedom: Featuring seven levels of adjustment up to a 60° angle, this stand offers personalized height settings (11cm to 16cm), ensuring ergonomic alignment to alleviate spine discomfort and prioritize your spinal health.

Stable Non-Slip Design: Crafted with non-slip silicone, the stand’s contact surface enhances stability, even during high-frequency typing, preventing unnecessary wobbling or slipping.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: A humanized hollow heat dissipation design promotes increased air circulation, effectively preventing overheating and maintaining optimal temperature for your device.

Robust Load-Bearing Capacity: Made from high-strength silica gel, this durable stand can reliably support up to 40kg. It's built to accommodate various devices—notebooks, tablets, phones, and books—without compromising stability.

Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for 11 to 17-inch laptops and tablets, this foldable stand is remarkably portable, allowing you to enjoy ergonomic comfort wherever you go.

Experience enhanced comfort and adaptability with our Adjustable Laptop Tablet Stand—designed to meet the demands of modern workspaces while prioritizing your well-being and convenience.