Automatic Ab Roller

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Enhance stability, safety, and ergonomic support with the advanced Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel (Ver-2.0)

Utilize the groundbreaking roller wheel to expedite abdominal development and increase the efficacy of your core exercises, while simultaneously involving various muscle groups. Incorporate this ab roller into your routine to achieve full body fitness in an efficient manner. Shed excess fat and improve your mood, transforming into a new and improved version of yourself in just a few daily minutes.


Automatic Rebound The spring recoil helps you stretch and strengthen your abdominal, arm, chest, shoulder, and back muscles. The automatic rebound protects your muscles and prevents sports injuries.


Enhance your core strength with the Abdominal Exercise Roller Elbow Support. The automatic rebound feature ensures a smooth and challenging workout. This abs roller wheel is essential for fitness enthusiasts aiming to enhance their core strength and stability. Incorporate it into your exercise routine for quick and visible results.

It is suitable for both men and women, featuring an automatic rebound ab wheel with elbow support and a timer for focused abdominal workouts. Reach your fitness objectives and boost your core strength using our practical at-home exercise equipment.

Result Before and after Use


Product Dimension : 25 L x 42 W x 33 H in cm (After Complete Installation)

Package Include : Abs Roller with Phone Holder, Digital Timer, 

Extra Soft Cushion for Elbow Support, 

Knee Support Pad,

Instruction Manual,

Material : Stainless Steel Pipe, PP, ABS

Product Weight : 300 Gram

Weight Capacity : 200 KG

Gender : Unisex

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