Anti Dust & Mite Remover

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Say Bye To Dust and Mites
By effectively removing dust, mites & allergens, it can provide relief to allergy sufferers, allowing you to breathe easier & enjoy a more comfortable life.

Deep Cleaning
This powerful, Anti Dust/Mite Remover features 10,000 times/min high-frequency rolling & a 2300 rpm high-speed motor for a robust 10KPa suction! Say goodbye to mites, dust, & pet hair that accumulate on various surfaces.
High-Efficiency Filtration System
The fully sealed filtration system effectively separates clean air & dust without leakage, & regular cleaning of the washable filter can prevent suction loss & clogging. It powerfully compresses dust & fresh air, expertly filtering out fine particles of debris, trapping large particles of waste, securely locking dust & dirt, & expelling clean, pure air.

Note: Use after the filter is dry.

Versatile Cleaning
From clothing & bedding to pillows, mats, sofas, & car this device can handle it all. Enjoy a comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean environment.
  Powerful Suction & Wireless Design
The high-capacity battery gives you a longer duration of cordless operation, granting you more freedom to clean, extending your range, & delivering greater control! 
A powerful 10000Pa suction gets right down to where the dust & mites hide, quickly & effectively eliminating any excess.
Easy to Clean
The dust cup is removable & washable. The removable HEPA filter is easy to clean under the tap without the hassle of diminished suction or clogged dust.
UV-C Light &Safety Protection Design Eliminate dust & mites quickly. Comfortable grip, lightweight frame, with single switch operation.

Prolonged Durability
Regular use of the mite remover prevents the accumulation of debris that can damage & degrade your belongings over time, helping them retain their quality for longer.
Why Are People Loving this?

 Efficient Cleaning: The advanced technology employed by the Macadve™ Cordless Anti Dust/Mite Remover guarantees thorough & efficient cleaning, reaching deep into fabrics and surfaces.

 Time-Saving: With its powerful performance, you can clean various surfaces quickly, saving you time & effort compared to traditional cleaning methods.

 Portable: Its compact size & portability allow you to use it conveniently across different areas of your home or even carry it while traveling.

✅ Large Capacity Dust Case: HEPA filter element deeply purifies, filters fine dust, & firmly locks dust and dirt without leakage.

✅ User-Friendly: Its ergonomic & user-friendly design controls make it easy for anyone to use, promoting hassle-free cleaning without the need for professional assistance.

✅ Lightweight & Space-Saving: It is lightweight, effortless & easy to use. Even if you use it to clean the whole house, you won't get tired.

✅ High Performance Motor & Low Noise.

Product Specifications
👉🏼 Item Weight: 200g
👉🏼 Item Dimensions: 50 In x 23 In x 22 In
👉🏼 Suction: 8000Pa
👉🏼 Filter Type: HEPA Filter
👉🏼 Nozzle Type: Anti-Static Floor Brush
👉🏼 Noise: Below 36db
👉🏼 Package Contains: 1 Anti Dust/Mite Vacuum, 1 x USB cable
How to Use Anti Dust/Mite Vacuum?
Step 1: Ensure the mite remover is fully charged before use.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate attachment based on the surface you're cleaning.

Step 3: Turn on the device using the user-friendly controls.

Step 4: Gently move the mite remover over the surface, allowing the device to lift away mites, dust, and pet hairs.

Step 5: For heavily soiled areas, you may need to go over the surface multiple times.

Step 6: Regularly empty the collection chamber to maintain optimal performance.

Step 7: Store the mite remover in a cool, dry place when not in use.