Universal Non-Slip Car Dashboard Mat & Phone Holder - Secure Grip for Smartphone, GPS, and More!

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Introducing our Car Accessories Anti-Slip Car Dashboard Mat & Mobile Phone Holder Mount with an in-built stand that accommodates phones up to 6.5 inches or larger with regular cases. Its design allows easy access to charging, AUX wires, and GPS navigation, providing convenience on the road.

This mat features a special non-skid and anti-slip undercoating, ensuring it stays firmly in place, whether your dashboard is flat or curved. No more worrying about items falling during bumps or sudden brakes – your belongings stay secure.

The flexible and segmented design allows efficient organization of coins, phones, idols, and more in a compact space. Crafted from high-grade, long-lasting silicone rubber, our product is odor-free, even when exposed to sunlight. Additionally, it includes a Parking Phone Number section, promoting responsible parking practices and eliminating the need to place cards on the windshield.

Easy to apply, remove, and clean, this product requires no special tools or training. Simply wash it with tap water for hassle-free maintenance. Upgrade your driving experience with our functional and user-friendly Car Dashboard Mat & Mobile Phone Holder!