Unbreakable Hanging Clip Bulb | Emergency Lamp | USB Rechareable Bulb | Dynamic Hanging Light | Decorative Hanging Bulb | 3 Lighting Modes Tent Lamp for Camping 🌟

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💡Light up your life with our Portable Hanging Light Bulb,

A versatile and convenient lighting solution perfect for both outdoor adventures and home decoration. This vintage-inspired pendant brings rustic charm and DIY possibilities, setting the mood effortlessly.🎁

Vintage Charm: With its rustic style, this pendant is highly decorative and perfect for DIY enthusiasts wanting to create their own hanging lamp. Whether used for outdoor decoration or home lighting, it sets the perfect mood.

Rechargeable Convenience: Equipped with a 400MAH rechargeable battery and type-C interface, this lamp provides 2-10 hours of illumination. It's ready-to-use and requires no installation, making it a hassle-free companion for your camping trips.

User-Friendly Design: Its portability allows you to hang or carry it anywhere easily. Fitting effortlessly into a backpack, the light bulb, made of durable PC material, withstands falls without breaking - safe enough even for children's use.
Weather-Resistant: The lamp shell, crafted from PC materials, boasts an integrated, robust, and airtight structure. Rated IPX4 waterproof, it resists water splashes from all angles, making it suitable for outdoor activities, even on rainy or snowy days.
Material: Tungsten lamp
Weight: 54g
Battery: 14500 lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 400mA
Charging method: Type-C 5V
Size: 18*6cm

1*2023 Outdoor Camping Retro Bulb